Where to eat in the Sierra de Aracena?

People from the Sierra take food very seriously. The black Iberian pigs are an essential part of the typical dishes of the region. Most restaurants will have a selection of different cuts of pork meat: pluma, presa, secreto, solomillo, etc as well as the delicious locally cured pata negra ham.

Other delicacies include the sweet chestnuts and acorn flour, wild flower honey, sheep and goat cheeses and wild mushrooms which normally complement the local pig dishes. If you come to the Sierra, you will definitely eat well at very reasonable prices.

The 10 best restaurants in the Sierra de Aracena:

  1. Essentia (Aracena) – refined and creative tapas at unbeatable prices. Newly expanded into a bigger restaurant next to the Essentia hotel. Our favourite!
    Try: any of their tapas, they change seasonally but we love their mushroom pate with spicy strawberry jam, Iberian cheeks with truffled potato cream and mushroom risotto
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 25 mins
    Essentia Restaurant Signature Dish
  2. Arrieros (Linares de la Sierra) – charming Michelin recommended restaurant and in our opinion one of the best ones in the Sierra. Uses local ingredients, unusual parts of pig (think legs, offal, ears) and has a wonderful service.
    Try: their famous tomato soup and a traditional acorn desert called poleá
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 35 mins
    Arrieros Signature dish
  3. Jesús Carrión (Aracena) – much more traditional than the logo suggests. Local tapas (big portions!) in a traditional setting and the staff is very friendly.
    Try: ham croquettes and carpaccio of pork (carpaccio de presa ibérica)
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 25 mins
    Jesús Carrión Restaurant Signature Dish
  4. El Padrino (Alájar) – exquisite dishes with top quality local products and a great place for meat lovers in a cosy traditional setting.
    Try: the tomatá with local pink tomatoes (a delicacy) and presa ibérica (cut of pork meat)
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 30 mins
    El Padrino traditional cosy interior
  5. Mesón Los Canastos (El Repilado) – local dishes and fresh produce just around the corner from Finca Bravo. Only open during the weekends. CLOSED in August.
    Try: any of their mushroom dishes (especially the croquettes and omelet) and homemade deserts
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 10 mins
    Catorce Arrobas signature dish
  6. Bar Camacho (El Repilado) – typical village bar offering excellent seafood from Huelva. Very popular with the locals.
    Try: any of their fried seafood (choco, adobo, chipirones) and the fantastic garlic shrimp
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 10 mins
    Bar Camacho Signature Dish
  7. Las Bellotas (Jabugo) – Good restaurant although a touch touristy on the main road in Jabugo. Serves delicious ham and great meat dishes on the menu.
    Try: the parrillada de carne (3 different cuts of pork meat)
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 15 mins
    Las Bellotas Restaurant signature dish
  8. La Plazita (Alájar) – rustic pizzeria with a wood-fired oven that offers great pizza and live performances every Sunday afternoon from 2pm.
    Try: any of their Spanish twists on traditional pizzas
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 30 mins
    La Plazita concert
  9. Las Catorce Arrobas (Valdelarco) – the food is excellent and the attention from the owners is magnificent. Worth the (beautiful) drive from Finca Bravo.
    Try: fantastic homemade croquetas and spicy octopus (pulpo)
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 25 mins
    Catorce Arrobas signature dish
  10. Jacarandá (Higuera de la Sierra) – traditional homemade cuisine from the Sierra with local products. Fantastic stop midway coming from Seville.
    Try: Sardinas marinadas sobre tosta crujiente (marinated sardines), cochinillo (suckling pig) or typical migas serranas (bread crumb based traditional dish)
    Distance from Finca Bravo: 40 mins
    La Jacarandá Signature Dish

Los Benitos (Zufre) – A hidden gem serving great local food in a typical village setting at a good price. The tapas are surprisingly creative and simply delicious!
Try: slow cooked pork cheeks (carrilleras)
Distance from Finca Bravo: 50 mins
Los Benitos Restaurant Signature Dish

* Please check the restaurant’s opening hours before going as some of the restaurants only open during the weekends or for lunchtime.