Finca bravo and surrounding land

About the Finca

Finca bravo and surrounding land

Finca Bravo is a 100-year-old farm house on a 6.3 hectare (15.5 acre) plot located between the villages of El Repilado and La Corte in the Sierra de Aracena. It is made up of a 2-story house and extends into 3 casas rurales (apartments) which have private entrances and terraces.

Most of the Finca buildings and emcompassing land has a South or South-East orientation. The Finca is build on top of a little hill providing great views of the surrounding countryside from every angle.

Your Green Getaway

As Finca Bravo used to be part of a larger finca that raised Iberian pigs (Pata Negra), most of the terrain and its surrounds are covered in typical dehesa, a man-made natural system comprised of evenly spaced Cork Oak and Holm Oak shaped over the centuries. These evergreen trees give a year round refuge to wildlife, especially birds, which the area is famous for.

dehesa landscape views at Finca Bravo with cork and holm oaks

The undergrowth is one of wild flowers (foxgloves, lavender, lupin, jaras, wild orchids etc), shrubby bushes and grassland.

wild Lavender flowers with Finca Bravo in the background - small

Contrary to most areas in the South of Spain, our Finca is unusually lush and green thanks to the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. From March to June, the Finca is covered in a carpets of subsequent yellow, white and purple flowers. 

a carpet of yellow flowers at Finca Bravo

Our plot also contains a cut flower garden and a huerta (vegetable plot) where we produce year round vegetables and several fruit trees: orange, fig, apple, quince, prune, olive, pear, lemon, etc.

Orange tree at Finca Bravo

Off Grid Living

What makes Finca Bravo that bit greener is our commitment to sustainability. We want to respect and take care of our environment here in the Sierra. That’s why the Finca is completely off-grid. For this reason, we have adopted the following practices:

◆ relying 100% on solar panels and batteries for our energy consumption

◆ heating our water with solar thermal collectors

◆ using ecological cleaning products

◆ low-consumption lighting

◆ using our own spring water

◆ reusable soap dispensers rather than single-use bathroom amenities

solar panels at Finca Bravo

Wildlife in the Finca

We frequently spot some furry visitors to the Finca, this is a (partial) list of some of the wildlife that have made an appearance here:

  • deer
  • wild boar
  • variety of birds
  • fox
  • Egyptian mongoose
Egyptian Mongoose

an Egyptian mongoose is a rare visitor to the Finca