map of area around Finca Bravo

Getting to Finca Bravo

map of area around Finca Bravo

Our Location

Finca Bravo is located about 1h 30mins drive North-West from Seville in the Andalusian region in Spain. The Finca is located between the villages of El Repilado and La Corte. If you would like to know more information about the region around Finca Bravo and its climate, click here.

You can find detailed instruction below on how to get to Finca Bravo by car, bus and train.

Driving to Finca Bravo

Driving to Finca Bravo is very easy. The N-433 road which connects to the A-66 motorway from Seville will take you through the Sierra. When reaching El Repilado, you take a right turn after crossing the railway tracks. From there it’s about 5 km on an asphalted road until you reach Finca Bravo.

Click on the links below to find detailed driving instructions to get to Finca Bravo from the main airports:

The bus to Finca Bravo

There is a bus option which takes you from Seville to El Repilado where we can pick you up. Please contact us for more information about this option.

The train to Finca Bravo

There is train link between the city of Huelva and the town of El Repilado which is less than 5km from the Finca. Detailed time schedules can be found on the Renfe website.

Unfortunately there is no direct train link from Seville or Lisbon.