A rough plan for the next 3 years

We certainly haven’t got a complete plan for the coming years but sometimes it’s good to force yourself to put your ideas to paper. So here is our rough plan for the next 3 years or so, don’t be surprised if this all goes completed haywire after a few months of actually living at Finca Bravo:

Spring 2018: Move and settling in – Fix running water and shower – Install basic electricity supply to run some appliances (fridge!) – Plant some fruit and vegetables – Plant some trees – Get approval from the local authorities for our build – Get a dog

Summer 2018: Set up tents to provide rural B&B – Start creating our outside space (garden and terrace)

Autumn 2018: Prepare the construction, removing walls and structures that need to be removed before the start of the build. Install indoor heating (wood stove).

Early 2019: Start the construction phase of our build with the first casas rurales.

Late 2019: Finish the first casas rurales and start renting them out.

2020: Finish all 3 guest accomodations and start the build for our house.

2021: Have all the major construction work finished: our house, the guest accomodations and the swimming pool