September & October 2018 Expenses

I know I know, it’s the first week of November and we’re only now putting up the September or October expenses. But if it counts for something, we did have a baby in the beginning of October (Yay!) and have had people visit us pretty much continuously since then. To make up for it, I will be covering both months in this one post. So hold on to your seats, there is going to be numbers flying your way left right and center.

First of all looking at the overall picture, we have spend €1381.88 and €3169.19 in the months of September and October respectively. Even though those numbers look quite high, a significant proportion of this is down to expenses that are already for our renovation project (€800.74 and€1855.22 respectively) and so shouldn’t really be viewed in the same way. In fact, going forward I will start splitting these costs out completely. This should give a better idea of the general living expenses we are facing as well as give a good overview of the costs of our renovation project.

In terms of what’s left, the biggest thing to call out is my splurge on a wood splitter (this one in fact). I figured that if we are going to be heating our house with our own wood and given the extremely dense and thus difficult to split wood we have available here (Mediterranean oak), I might as well treat myself now to a more mechanised form of self reliance. I have yet to try it out so I will let you know if it is any good.

Then looking at the living expenses, they were €541.59 for September and €919.10 for October. The biggest difference between the months is that in October, we spend a little more on going out for dinner, some baby essentials and a little shopping (mostly going to our furniture overlords over in Sweden). In terms of groceries, we paid almost exactly the same for both months at around €240 per month. This is great and thanks to our continued efforts to growing our own, eating mostly vegetarian and finding the cheapest items in the supermarket rather than the big brands.

Given that our renovation project is turning out to be quite a bit more expensive than initially hoped (mostly due to extra taxes and architect costs) it’s great news that we can keep other costs to a minimum and it will mean that we should be able to live quite comfortably for about €750 per month.

Here are the links to the files for September and for October if you want to have a look at the detail. That’s for this time, see you again in December!

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