November 2018 Expenses

I am managing to sneak a post in here just before Christmas with our expenses from November. Overall we spent €1,268.69 for the month with the majority of that going to our car and living expenses.

Living expenses have been slightly high for the month (coming in at €961) due to some early Christmas gift shopping and some eating out we have been doing for various occasions.

Other notable expenses are for the car (€213) which needed new front tires and something the mechanic called ‘ruotolos’. These fixes were required to get the car passed its first inspection, which it has on second attempt and so we are good to drive it another year on Spanish roads (yay!).

I also started breaking down the expenses we have for the house renovation project as a separate item so we can track these distinctly from our main outgoings. This month we purchased a new wood stove and a few more solar panels to get us through the winter. Total cost: €1212.

That’s it for last month, hope you all have a great Christmas and see you back in the new year with December’s expenses.

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