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May 2018 Expenses

We are back on track! May is the first month where we don’t have a large set up cost to deal with. This means expenses are much more in line with where we want them to be. We have spent a total of €1,336.52 this month, with living expenses now coming in at a reasonable €778.58. Here is the full overview of all our expenses and some takeaways below:

Expenses for May 2018

  • Standing at €778.58 (down from €1,169.75 in April), I still believe our living expenses can come down further next month. We have spent about €200 on DIY due to the works on the outside kitchen and some equipment needed to set up outside taps to irrigate the garden. Those are all one off costs and we should see this come down next month. 
  • We are starting to get more and more vegetables from the garden which will continue to reduce our grocery bills. We already have eaten beetroot, carrots, courgettes, spinach and salad from the kitchen garden and next month we are expecting even more veg ready for harvest.
  • You might have noticed there is a new expense post: our dog, Pipa. As with any new pet, there will be some initial costs but we are definitely going to try to keep this to a minimum and get her used to the frugal lifestyle from the start.

Breakdown Living expenses May 2018

That’s all for this month, here is hoping we continue the trend in June!

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