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June 2018 Expenses

This month we had one large expense which was our new Australian Shepherd puppy Pipa. We had to go and pick her up in Barjacoba which meant a big (and expensive) road trip. Apart from that, we are doing ok when it comes to our overall living expenses, this month coming in just under €1000 (€936.46 to be exact). The full list of expenses can be found here.

Expenses June 2018

We spent a bit more on shopping, this included some ‘necessary’ clothing for Patty and some essentials for Pipa. We also are starting to see the impact of growing some of our own vegetables with our supermarket bill now about €20 lower than normal (€313 vs €333 in June). Hopefully we can continue seeing that trend as more and more vegetables are starting to come in from the garden.

Breakdown Living Expenses June 2018

That’s all for this month – in conclusion we are doing fine as long as we don’t buy any more pups next month 🙂


  • Andy Greenwood

    Just a quick note to say thanks for your advice and tips ‘re buying property in spain. It is really useful as we are just about to buy our finca in Perin and have used some if the tips already

    Kind regards

    • Pep

      Thanks Andy, I wrote that blog for my job so it’s nice to hear you found your way over here from there. Do you have an Insta/Facebook we can follow? Would love to see what your finca looks like.

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