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July 2018 Expenses

July has been quite an expensive month, due in large part to the costs associated with Patricia getting her driver’s license (€208 for the registration and the book, it’s truly a scam here in Spain) and our holiday for a few days to Portugal resulting in higher groceries bills (€338) and some eating and drinking out expenses (€250). The full breakdown can be found here. We really tried to keep the costs to a minimum on our trip though and have been thinking about writing up our experience (and tips) in a blog post. The keenly eyed will also have noticed a new category in the graph below labeled ‘Baby’. It’s still small at this point (just like the baby :-)) but likely to grow to a substantial line in our budget in the coming months.

The overall living expenses for July are broadly in line with previous months although the fuel cost is again a little bit higher due to having to drive to Portugal and back (about 3 hours each way to Aljezur where we stayed). That’s all for this month, next month’s expenses are around the corner so we’ll be back in a couple of weeks with the latest on August. 


  • Claudia

    Came across your blog through insta (our_eco_adventure) love how open you are about everything… I love what you guys are doing and I fall in love a little bit with anybody who is out there attempting this life style and being mindful of expenses and impacts and such, it’s great for people like you to educate a broader audience. We’ve actually been thinking of starting a blog or a YouTube too to allow people to follow our journey! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

    • Pep

      Thanks Claudia, that’s really nice to hear. We hope that by being open we can show people what it’s really like to live a life like this – not just the rose version you might find somewhere else. You have a fantastic Instagram account, I’ll be sure to check it out regularly!

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