Baby Wishlist


Hurrah our baby girl is here!!!

If you wish to help us out, you can find our baby wish list over here: link

It’s the Spanish Amazon website and I don’t believe there is an easy way to translate it other than using your browser. But it should be fairly straightforward. Items with a green label ‘imprescindible‘ are ones we have flagged as essentials. When an item shows ‘ya comprados‘ it means someone else already got us the item (thanks 😊).

Alternatively, if you would like to give something but can’t find anything you like on the list, it’s also possible to send us some money to our Spanish bank account:

Spanish bank IBAN – ES19 0049 0110 17 2310144830

…or give us an Amazon voucher – they are called ‘Tarjeta Regalo de‘ in Spanish. This will come in very handy for sure as it will mean we can buy something for Elena when the need arises over the next few months.


Patricia & Pep