• motivation

    How to retire to the countryside in Spain

    Giving up your day job, moving to another country, changing your life around; this was all quite daunting at first for Patricia and I. But over time we got more and more used to the idea of moving to Spain. Here are the 9 steps we followed to make our life changing move to Finca Bravo:   1. Make a plan About 3 years ago, I brought up the subject of what we wanted out of our lives with Patricia. At the time, we were both doing well professionally but something was missing. So we started to do some research and came up with a plan. We would remortgage our house…

  • 5 year plan

    A rough plan

    We certainly haven’t got a complete plan for the coming years but sometimes it’s good to force yourself to put your ideas to paper. So here is our rough plan for the next 3 years or so, don’t be surprised if this all goes completed haywire after a few months of actually living at Finca Bravo: Spring 2018 Move and settling in Fix running water and shower Install basic electricity supply to run some appliances (fridge!) Plant some fruit and vegetables Plant some trees Get approval from the local authorities for our build Get a dog Summer 2018 Set up tents to provide rural B&B Start creating our outside space…

  • general updates

    We have a move date!

    After months of waiting and then weeks of delays, we finally have our move date: the 9th of March. It’s a good time to move, the weather is mostly sunny and warm at this time of the year and yet it’s still not too late to start growing our fruits and vegetables. We can hardly wait!