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August 2018 Expenses

On the surface, it looks like August was another expensive month (full report here); however when you look closer we actually had 2 exceptional costs pushing us to a total of €2557 for the month. We are starting to make improvements to the house (and prepare for winter; costs in Aug: €850.2) which included buying a wood stove. We can expect these costs to increase from now on with the house renovation really starting in earnest over the next few months.

Expenses Aug 2018

The other large expensive this month was our baby (coming in at just under €300). We are trying to keep these costs to a minimum by buying second hand, getting most of our nursery furniture (cod and changing area) from Ikea and in general looking for the cheapest bargains we can find. Our friends and family have also been a great help by supporting us with the more expensive essentials as baby gifts.

Breakdown Living expenses Aug 2018

Taking out these one time costs, leaves the living expenses around €1000 with grocery shopping coming in at the lowest mark since we started recording (about €255). To further help reduce this, we have now started adopting a biweekly shop instead of a weekly one and with the help of the produce from the kitchen garden we should be able to move towards the €200 mark for the next few months.

That’s it for last month, a new video is about to be uploaded to our Youtube channel so keep your eyes open for that.

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