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April 2018 Expenses

Last month I explained that our costs were running high but that it was caused by us getting set up and included the large expense of buying a new car. Well, it seemed the trend has continued into April and we have spent a total of €5005.88; this means we are still waaay above what we want to be spending or even what we can afford to spend. Here is a full breakdown of everything that took our money this month (link) and an overview of the top categories below:

Expenses April 2018

There are some factors that make me optimistic about our expenses coming down in the future:

  • We spent €1696.56 on travelling….without going on holiday! This is because we bought all the tickets and booked the overnight stays *(Airbnb’s) for our remaining trips of the year. In July, we go to the Algarve in Portugal; in August we go on a road trip from Madrid to Seville, later in August we go back to Belgium for a friend’s wedding and in December we go back to Belgium to celebrate Christmas with my family. So even though we are spending a lot in one go, in fact we are really trying to live according to the tips we talked about in order to save money on travelling: we travel locally where possible and limit the amount of holidays altogether.
  • Set up costs were still high, coming in at €1,829.67 for April. We had to install a new bathroom, buy some more (cheap) furniture in Ikea and upgraded our solar panels to ensure a reliable source of electricity. So considering all this, there wasn’t really any other way for us than to go through this pain early on and hope this now sets us up for the next few months.
  • Our living expenses are relatively low, coming in at €1,169.75. Groceries take up about a third (€333.38) and we believe there is still room to reduce this further in the future. Slowly some early vegetables are starting to come from our own garden and Patricia is really getting stuck in to produce jams, marmalades, cleaning products and home made breads (watch our house tour video to get this joke) allowing us to bring down our supermarket bills further. The other large costs are Garden related expenses, this is down to us buying fruit trees (€123) and a new lawn mower (€215.91) both are one-off costs and investments in the future.

Breakdown Living Expenses April 2018`

There you have it, that’s what we spent in April. Let’s hope we can start seeing a downwards trend of our expenses soon or we’ll be back in an office working 9-5 in no time.

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